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The freshness of Italian cheeses in the world

Fresca Italia's production is founded on rediscovering and reevaluating the traditional cheese making production, but with an eye towards innovation. Introducing new elements and cutting edge techniques allow us to satisfy the most demanding markets. In the aging facilities, the combination of specialized aging techniques and the careful selection of raw materials allows us to create unique products appreciated all over the world.

Fresca Italia has in its tradition and experience its trademark. The company has its headquarters in the heart of Basilicata, in southern Italy, founded 25 years ago, is one of the most prestigious family-run dairies, where the production of cheese is made through the traditional dairy industry from the experts "Carbone". In Italy the naturalness of raw Fresh cheese, craftsmanship and tradition are still processing the maximum values they are still the highest compared to the massive production industry. Fresh cheese factory Italy, operating in one of the least populated and most beautiful of Italy. In these mountain environments we produce a range of cheeses, unique in its kind, which rightly can be counted among the best of traditional Italian cheese.


Production flows
Through a corporate philosophy which tends to continuous improvement of quality standards, while remaining closely linked to production techniques rooted in ancient traditions in the area, Fresh Italy manufactures and offers its customers a range of cheeses "innovative", which originate from raw materials of absolute quality and great naturalness. The company is recognized with CE Stamp the 17 88, successfully applies the HACCP system, adheres to the CPTA COPOLYMERS.
Raw materials
Milk used for the production of cheese comes from local farms with low environmental impact. Livestock feed is linked primarily to the high mountain pastures that make unique the taste of these cheeses.
The seasoning is still in natural caves exclusively dedicated to the conservation of the cheese. We love to mature our products in a natural way, for their refinement we take as long as necessary, we do not use plants that they force the aging of our cheeses.

Efficiency and quality

DOP label: the highest guarantee of quality

High-quality ingredients and long tradition are the base of all of our products.

Customer is King

We strive to care for and to meet the needs of our customers from all over the world.

Respect for the environment and the territory

Preserving territory means ensuring the quality of products and passing down our heritage to the next generations.

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